Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Make My Heart Ache

My friends are neat.

More proof.

If any of you haven't been into Amy's store (yellow bird fabrics), you should go check it out. Quaint and perfect. Particularly if you sew. And she always has treats.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Warning: Ew.

Three weeks ago I had a run in with the hot water tower at work. In an attempt to take an order while blindly filling an Americano, I covered my hand in scalding hot water. Dumb. We were busy and my shift was 2 hours from being over so I had to suck it up and work through it as if nothing had happened. My voice was quivering, I was in so much pain.

As the burn progressed I decided to photograph the process because I found it so fascinating.

About 4 hours after:

About 5 hours after:

About 6 hours after:

Luckily the pain was mostly gone after about 8-9 hours of constant icing. Dr. Drew popped the giant blister so I could drain it. The next morning I was able to go backpacking without any trouble. I just went through tons and tons of Bandaids as new blisters developed and popped.

2 days after:

Monday I'm back at work in the kitchen. Being passionately opposed to the bagel cutter, and being down one finger, I slip while cutting a bagel with a dull, serrated knife and instead cut the shit out of my index finger. Eff me. I'm pretty sure that anyone who has worked in a kitchen has this same v-shaped wound/scar. I've done this same thing to my fingers on several different occasions, but this is by far the deepest I've gone.

4 days after:

(The blue and black is from ink and sharpies at the other jobs.)

6 days, after a night without bandaids:
My flesh felt like melted plastic. Kind of cool, totally gross.

Its all healed up now.
I have officially gone 25 days without a work-related injury.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its Cold Out

Its cold in.

There is no heat at big bear. We rely on the sun, the grill, the ice machine and other humans to heat the place up. It works pretty well, unless the cafe is empty. Then you dance.

I think Jo-Elle and I might have the same voice?

(Since most of you don't know Jo-Elle, think Frances McDormand in Fargo, less 20 years. And magical.)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blind Hollow

Since I'm probably last to post about the annual yurt adventure I wont go on about how fantastic the hike in was this year, how amazing it was to have a new yurt (with a real door!!) or how uber awesome the crew was. It was still cold and the snow wasn't deep, but it was still fresh and delicious. And Erica was there. More complete posts by Jessica and Neil.

I think next year I'm going to just ski. Skiing out on a split board sucks, like whoa.

I apologize for only having phone pictures and videos. And I apologize to Jessica who asked that I not let anyone see this video. But I think you'll agree that it needed to be shared. Turn down the sound and turn on your favorite sultry tune, then hit play.

Removing skins after a couple great runs. Hot damn, I love Anna K!

I think I might take Jessica and Anna for my two wives. And Erica will be my mistress. Andrew, you're invited too.

Note to self: Never talk on videos again. Ever. Ew.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Prediction for 2010

More specifically New Year's Eve.

I will spend the holiday at an airport. I'm guessing Minneapolis. How did I not realize I booked a flight with TWO layovers!? And who knew someone was going to try and blow up a plane on Christmas? Rad.

Happy New Year everybody.

At least I have snow to make everything okay.

UPDATE: I landed exactly when my itinerary said I would. To the minute. Its probably a good thing because I forgot to pack tights in my carry on and my outfit wouldn't have worked without them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mustaches Required

Some people take coffee very seriously. I just take the pictures. Seriously. Here are some from TNT (Thursday Night Throwdown) at Chinatown Coffee last October.

Collin and I rode down in his new van. Its just like the yellow one my dad drove when I was a kid. Smelled the same too. Parking was a joke, but driving was worth it for the sound of the horn alone. We made mustaches with sharpies and post-its.

Grant and I, mustached.

High tech score board.

Lana got creative with her mustache placement.

Julie made fancy cupcakes.

Mara. This is just for you, Juliet. (Actually this whole post is for you. Move back.)

Someone brought nerds to share. Yes, please!

I really love nerds.

I really love Andrew. I really love Andrew with this mustache.

The ladies from Peregrine.

Where were we? Oh yeah, there was a competition going on. I'm sure Jeremy won. The top 10 competed against New York baristas via live web cams the following month. DC won.

And because I love you, I leave you with Andrew.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rear Window

The day has finally come. The leaves are gone and I can see the Capitol from my bedroom window.

The view one evening in September.

For whatever reason I feel inclined to photograph the view out my window from my bed when I wake up at dawn. I've done this several times in the last few months. I always fall right back asleep and forget I even did it until I'm browsing photos later. Sleep-shooting.